4 April 2011

room in sections un-painted

Ok down to the small bits that make all the difference when playing a game like rather than setting up on the kitchen table using a few books as walls and a mug as a tower. The next few post after this 1 will have no foot note with the pic as i ll do 1 at the end of up load. i have found that if u upload too many pics the page can be very slow to open so i m going to do in installments. If u look at this pic below u can see if u look close the wall sections are all induvial, this includes the door sections as well, the plan is to make over 40 of these say 25 closed and 15 open. the floor sections are also separate from the walls. The wall sections are made in 1 block section 2, 4 , 6 , 12 etc this way i can make any room size.If u look real close to the bottom right u will see a tile section with a small pile on it this will be a gold pile when finished. this will only added if the quest for this room is completed.This involves brining a key which should have been found in 4/5 rooms previous. If not a plain tile section can be added. later i ll take some pics of the wall sections on there own to give u a idea with no chat involved.

ok more updates added 18/04/2011 check out the D+D in progress page

D+D in progress

HI all just starting on a new D+D model, this also is 1 that i intend to us for warhammer quest as is a rely cool game. i first started making dungeons but as i moved along i found i could not use them for anything else other than dungeons and dragons and they took up a lot of room. So i went back to the drawing board. i wanted some thing that would not take up much room in storage and some thing that could be used in more than i form, i.e the shape and layout also for other games like warhammer, street fighter, mordhime. So with that in mind over the next few weeks i ll be uploading some pics of work in progress and my thoughts and ideas on where the project is going.


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog i hope to be updating on a regular basis. i play warhammer and i love to make terrain and buildings etc. Over the years i have come over many sites showing warhammer stuff from painted models to battle reports etc. So with a bit of spare time on my hands at the moment i have decided to make my own, hope u like it and if u have any questions feel free to ask.