Her is my mordheim table so far. I know its very clean but when i get the buildings painted ( god knows when ) i ll start working on some broken pieces to scatter around the board.This is only 2 of the 3 secions i have made, all interchange able . You can never have enough ladders.

This is the 3 boards lined up together un-painted. the canal running all the way through it. the boards can be rotated so the canal can be in a T shape or just straight. eventually i will get round to a 4th board. so i can have a horse shoe effect with the canal.

Just cant stop using the board even unpainted.

1 of my favorite buildings at the moment as it spans the canal from both sides with access from both sides also. This is going to be like a huge warehouse. A nice spot for a sniper to stay also in the center span.

Half a bell tower. Need to add wreckage.

A rear view of the Warehouse Rubble to be added.

Old time library  full of scroll s , might even be a city map in there some where.

Second half of the bell tower.

Here is the start of a ruined Cathedral. i want this to be able to add the bell towers to it when the board is changed for another game. Roof to be added just waiting on tiles to dry.

Same building just different views and still no roof.

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